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Getting Started in Therapy



People enter therapy to address a range of concerns, from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and shame. Others are exploring more about themselves, relationships, their inner world, reflecting upon past patterns, and developing new strategies for living. Individual therapy allows us to work together and focus on what is important to you.

Couples and Relationships

We affirm relationships of all configurations, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Connecting and growing with others is a rewarding human experience that can also be challenging. Feelings of disconnection, a crisis of trust, breakdowns in communication can put a strain on the connection. Relationship therapy can support you as you address the more challenging facets of what it means to share your life with others.




A family is a system with complex dynamics between individuals and the whole group. The struggles of the individual influence the family and the struggles of the family influence the individual. Family therapy can help address life transitions, conflicts, boundary setting, internal and external stressors, and past wounds. The process of family therapy provides an opportunity to heal, repair, and improve relationships. 

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