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Who is Agate Psychotherapy?

Agate Psychotherapy is a group of like-minded independent practitioners who offer individually tailored, collaborative, relational psychotherapy to adults, couples, adolescents, children, and families in Portland, Oregon.


Therapists at Agate share common values including: equity, acceptance, connection, and humility. In demonstration of these values we strive to provide a non-judgmental, safe, and compassionate environment that supports each client as a whole person: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and somatic well-being. 


As graduates of Lewis and Clark College, therapists at Agate have been provided an education that integrates modern modalities, evidence-based practices, advanced clinical training, and an ever-present commitment to professional development.



At this time, not all of the practitioners are in-network providers on insurance panels. We can provide you with a reimbursement invoice to be submitted to your insurance company if we are out of network. You will want to verify with your insurance company out of network eligibility coverage. Please confirm with each independent practitioner if they are an in-network provider on your insurance panel.


Accessibility is key to our care. Agate Psychotherapy's space accommodates wheelchairs and service animals.

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